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Dr. Judy Henn
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Office : Room 102, Humanities & Arts Building 
Telephone :  829-3206 
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By appointment only!



  2005 PhD, English Literature and Language, University of Haifa

  1993 MA, English Literature and Language, Tel Aviv University

  1967 MA, Education, New York University

  1966 BA, Queens College, City University of New York


Courses taught:

  Scientific English 2

  Communication in English



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    Spring." The Ernest Hemingway Companion. Ed. Somdatta Mandal. Kolkata, 

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"Ernest Hemingway's The Torrents of Spring: Once and For All." West Bengal 41:23.

    16 December 1999: 133-150.

"'One Memory Does Not Destroy Another': 'The Snows of Kilimanjaro' Through the

    Prism of Green Hills of Africa." Journal of the Department of English,

    Rabindra Bharati University 5 (1999): 126-135.

"Sir Gavin and the 'Slain Wolf': Sir Gawain and the Green Knight as Guidebook to

    'Go Down, Moses.'" William Faulkner: A Centennial Tribute. Ed. Somdatta    

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"Stut is No Slut: A Gender-Based Reading of Hemingway's 'Summer People.'"

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"'Never a Burglar': Melodrama in Juvenilia by Fitzgerald and Hemingway." F. Scott

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"'Working on the Farm': Hemingway's Work Ethic in The Sun Also Rises." Ernest

    Hemingway: The Oak Park Legacy. Ed. James Nagel. Tuscaloosa: U Alabama

    P, 1996:165-178.


Research Interests:

  American and English literature

  Drama in education

  Methods of teacher training


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