German Language 2


 Course Number: 324 603

Spring Semester 2014


NOTE: The course is designed for students who have successfully participated in "Deutsch 1"
or have previous knowledge of German.

Brigitte Hahn-Michaeli
Department of Humanities and Arts

Office Location: Room 215 (first floor), Humanities and Arts
Contact Details: phone: 829-3203      e-mail: Brigitte Hahn-Michaeli

Consultation Time: Wednesday 12.15 – 13.15 (or by appointment)    
Subject Timetable:

                                            Monday 10:30 – 13:30

OR:     Tuesday 13:30 – 16:30

Textbook: “Deutsch lernen Band 2” (Technion publication)

CALL-Lab: Grammar exercises, text work, revision.

Attendance requirements: Students need to participate in class at least 80% of all the lessons in order to be entitled for a final grade.

Subject Aims and Objectives: The course is designed for students who have successfully participated in German 1, or have a basic knowledge of the German language. In the course focus is on communication ability as well as reading comprehension. Topics being covered: Talking about past events, Biographies, Travelling, Body and Health. Grammatical structures include: Past tense, the noun and declension in ‘Nominativ, Akkusativ, Dativ and Genitiv, prepositions, noun-groups (adjective and noun)

Credit points: 2 (3 hours lectures per week)


End-semester: written test 60%
Class work and home assignments 40%

Last lesson / presentations:               Monday class:           23.06.2014

                                                                         Tuesday class:           24.06.2014


Video projects - Spring 2012:

    D2 Mittwoch   

    D2 eins Juni 2012

    The Great Movie



Useful Links:                                

Goethe Institut Tel Aviv:    

German Embassy Tel Aviv:

Deutsche Welle, News in German

The BBC language site:           

Deutsche Welle, Deutsch Lernen:,,2068,00.html





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