Technical English for Mathematics



Objectives of the course

  1. To increase the student's ability to read and comprehend his professional materials in English. This includes the following skills:
    1. an increased understanding of word formation as a means of vocabulary building,
    2. the ability to recognize and use various grammatical structures, especially those characteristic of technical writing,
    3. the ability to define relevant technical terms,
    4. the ability to extract information from texts as well as from visual forms of representation such as diagrams and charts, etc.
  2. To develop basic writing skills.
  3. To enhance the student's ability to better understand spoken English.




  1. Textbook: Technical English for Students of Mathematics (Y.Rosenthal).
    The book is available in the Department of Humanities and Arts.
  2. A suitable English/English or bilingual dictionary.
  3. Computerised exercises are available in the CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) Lab which is located on the third floor of the Depatrment of Humanities and Arts. A class lesson is conducted once during the semester in the Lab, but students are encouraged to work there on an individual basis during the lab's free access hours.



Course Policy

  1. Attendance is compulsory. All absences must be justified.
  2. All examinations must be taken on the date set. Make-up tests will be administered only to students who have a justified absence on the date of a test. Students will not be permitted to rewrite tests in order to improve their grades.
  3. Since language learning is impossible without repetition and practice, homework will be assigned at each class meeting and checked periodically.



Semester Grade

Pass grade is 55.
The final grade is determined on the basis of the following breakdown:

First class test 20%
Second class test 25%
Additional assignment 10%
Attendance, homework, participation 5%
Final examination 40%

The two class tests include a comprehension passage with questions; a vocabulary exercise based on vocabulary charts studied in class; and grammar exercises related to structures covered in class. The final exam is composed of two reading passages only. The nature of the additional assignment will be presented in class at the beginning of the semester.


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