המעבדה פתוחה לתרגול עצמי לכל אורך הסמסטר ושעות הפתיחה מפורסמות כבר בראשיתו.

מטבע הדברים, לקראת בחינות בשפות השונות, בעיקר באנגלית, המעבדה נוטה להיות מלאה.

על כן, אנו מבקשים לקחת זאת בחשבון בתכנון עבודתכם במעבדה ולהתאזר בסבלנות כאשר עליכם להמתין עד שיתפנה מחשב.


צוות CALL


During the summer semester, August 7 till September 6,

the CALL Lab will be open for free access at the following times:


Sunday, 14.00-16.00


Tuesday, 16.00-18.00


Thursday, 10.00-12.00


Please check our website for changes in the schedule at:



About the lab


The Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Laboratory was opened in November 1996. It consists of 50 terminals operating under a Novell Network and provides facilities for computer-aided. instruction in ten languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.

Our Purpose

The CALL Laboratory is used for group instruction as well as for supplementary individual learning. Classes come with teachers as part of the course program. On the individual level, the laboratory is open for remedial work, enrichment study, make-up work, and exam preparation.

Most of the materials available have been written by teachers in the Department of Humanities and Arts. The English programs are customized for Technion students and aid them in attaining the .advanced English skills required by their respective faculties for professional purposes

The materials in English for undergraduate studies are divided into different levels of difficulty and, at the Technical English level (Advanced B), are faculty-specific. The CALL Laboratory also .serves Graduate students preparing for the English Proficiency Examination. Programs in languages other than English have been developed to serve the courses taught in the department

The CALL laboratory serves all students enrolled in the various undergraduates and graduates English courses. Specific lessons, with feedback, are available for every course offered by the English Department. In addition, there are video lessons and tutorials focusing on vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension,  and general language skills. Students may come to the lab with their .instructor or during free access hours.

:Call Staff

Dr. Michal Tal is the academic head, administrative coordinator and head teacher of the lab.

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Shay Bat is the computer technician of the CALL lab. He is in charge of all technical aspects of the lab maintenance.

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CALL Laboratory
Department of Humanities and Arts
Technion–Israel Institute of Technology

Technion City
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