Summer Ulpan

Thank you for your interest in our Summer Ulpan 2020.

Summer Ulpan 2020
Monday, August 10th, 2020 through Wednesday, September 16th, 2020
Daily (Sunday – Thursday) 8:30 – 12:00, Humanities & Arts room 10

Hebrew for Beginners 1 is a basic Hebrew language course. During the course the students learn the
Hebrew letters, basic language formats and some grammar structures. This course provides the students
with elementary reading and writing skills, as well as oral communication skills that may be used from even
the early stages of language acquisition.
The course is an intensive Ulpan, offered only during the summer, before the beginning of the academic
year. It consists of 112 class hours.
During the summer Ulpan the following subjects will be taught and practiced:
(Binyanim active (פָּ עַ ל, פיעֵ ל, הִ תְ פַ עֵ ל, הִ פְ עיל, נִפְ עַ ל in verbs of tense Present•
את, עם, ל, מ, ב, על Prepositions•
• Limited vocabulary including opposites, singular and plural forms, question words, adjectives,
colors, directions, numbers (numeral, ordinal, numbers related to money, time, age, date, etc.).
• Reading comprehension, writing and conversation skills.
• Textbook: “Hebrew From Scratch Part 1” (Updated Edition) by Shlomit Chayat, Sara Israeli and
Hilla Kobliner, Academon Publishing House 2019, (by arrangement with the Hebrew University).
The book will be offered for sale at the Humanities & Arts department.
• The course will cover material from Lessons 1-12 (in the Textbook).
• Handouts will be administered to the students throughout the course, in order to practice the
subjects taught and expand the vocabulary.

Important notes:
1. The Ulpan is fast paced from day 1. Attendance is mandatory. Late arrival is discouraged as students will be
expected to make up for the taught material on their own.
2. The Ulpan does not grant academic credits. Medical students must Pass the course with a minimum grade of
3. Please address questions regarding registration procedures and payment to the department’s
administration by phone: +972 (4) 829-3438 or by email:

Tuition fees: about 1,500 NIS.

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