Diagram included at the end of Leibniz's dissertation on the art of combinations .

ד"ר כריסטיאן בק

פוסט דוקטורנט

I am a mathematical physicist with a focus on foundational and philosophical questions. My main expertise lies in relativistic quantum theory, on which I have also published the book “Local Quantum Measurement and Relativity” (Springer, 2021). I received both my diploma in physics and my PhD in mathematics at the University of Munich (LMU).

My particular research interests are:

Life, foundations of quantum mechanics, foundations of relativity, relativistic quantum theory, quantum nonlocality and relativity, the Dirac Sea picture, the nontrivial vacuum of quantum field theory, localization in quantum field theory, foundations of statistical physics, ontology in physics, Bohmian mechanics, the possibility of mathematical reasoning, the mind-body problem.