Writing Center | מרכז כתיבה

Writing Center | מרכז כתיבה

What is the writing center?

Our instructors will assist you 1:1 in improving your writing:
Our main aim is to meet with you and give you feedback on your papers, theses, dissertations, oral presentations, or professional writing needs (e.g., proposals, postdoc/grant applications, CVs, cover letters).

Where and when?

Sign up for an hourly appointment by filling in the registration form .
Come with your work: meet us in person in the Humanities Building or on Zoom.

How much does it cost?

Joining the project is free of charge Courtesy of the Senior Vice President and the International School of the Technion.

Events and Guest Lectures

How to design / teach courses in English workshop – March 2024

My Technion in 100 words contest – December 2023

"Pleasure in writing" : Meet2Write and the Writing Cafe – April 2023



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