The Technion Tandem Learning Program

Tandem learning is a cooperative learning partnership between two people with different
native mother tongues. They help each other improve their language skills in each other’s respective native language. The participants meet regularly either face to face or communicate via email, or via chat, messenger or Skype

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 Registration Form for Tandem

If you are interested in a language Tandem, please register with the form which you find below. Even if at the moment we cannot match you with the requested language partner, please be patient and register nonetheless. The more people are interested and register, the more Tandem matches we can successfully arrange

.The Technion Tandem Program is open only for Technion students and staff

.For any additional information regarding the Tandem program, please contact

.We will be in touch with you as soon as we find a matching partner

,Thank you

Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

Department of Humanities & Arts

Registration Form for Tandem