The middle way- Managing stress and anxiety through breathing and meditation practices

The middle way 9.5.2023

As part of the WELLBEING program for the Technion faculty, an active lecture was given to deal with stress and mental pressure.

About the lecture:

The middle way- “Managing stress and anxiety through breathing and meditation practices”

In this session, we will combine theoretical knowledge with practical breathing and meditation exercises to cope with stress and anxiety. We will address questions related to:

  •      Is there an optimal way to breathe?
  •      Can we and should we control our responses to stress and anxiety?
  •      What is the of the dolphin effect?
  •      Iceman breathing techniques for control and release of stress

About the lecturer:

Omree Shuval

Registered dietitian Bsc. Nutr., MA in ‘Brain and Learning’, NLP and hypnotherapy practitioner, shiatsu therapist. Always

learning. Driven to contribute by sharing my knowledge about food, behavior, body, and mind.

Living and working in the Netherlands