Wellbeing Program

WELLBEING Program 2023

The WELLBEING Program at the Technion is a comprehensive program designed to promote an active and healthy lifestyle for faculty members. The program is aimed at raising awareness, expanding knowledge, and creating achievable challenges related to human health.


Participants in the program receive both group and personal counseling sessions to learn and practice various topics related to physical fitness, healthy and balanced nutrition, mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation. Our program is guided by a team of experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table:

  • Hava Margalit, Program Lead and Head of Physical Education at the Technion
  • Timea Tot Attias, our Physical Activity Coordinator, who emphasizes the importance of physical activity
  • Omree Shuval, who specializes in dealing with stress and mental pressure
  • Noa Ben David, our Clinical Nutritionist, who offers advice on healthy eating habits
  • Sharon Nitzan, our Gym Manager, who is in charge of gym activities.

We believe that our WELLBEING Program provides an excellent platform for faculty members to improve their physical and mental health, and we are committed to ensuring that our program continues to evolve to meet the needs of our participants.

  • חוה מרגלית

    Hava Margalit

    Head of Physical Education
  • Timea Toth-Attias

    Physical Activity Coordinator